Thursday, January 05, 2017

Animation Week - postscript

It's almost a month since the end of the CLMOOC pop-up animation week, so possibly it's time for some reflection. I'm not convinced we hit the necessary critical mass of participants to make a social media based event work well, however hopefully those took part or just watched had some fun and learned something.For now at least most of the activity can be found by searching for on twitter or by looking at NomadWarMachine's storify.

The google doc where people shared ideas and links is perhaps the most useful artefact from the week, and within that the link Kevin put to his 'Making Stopmotion Movies' guide is particularly useful.

What would be nice is a site where people could share links to tutorials, hints about what software to use etc., creating a user generated teaching/learning resource about web animation. The CLMOOC Make Bank looks like an appropriate place for how to guides and tutorials, and indeed, there is already a section on stop motion video there.