Thursday, June 29, 2017

My daily create fantasy band

When I suggested the fantasy band idea for the daily create I was thinking I would create some sort of photo manipulated image, but unfortunately today I was a bit short of time, and also finding suitably licensed images of musicians is not too easy. So, a blog post instead.

Once or twice I have seen bands live who had sounded very good in recordings, but turned out to be
fairly terrible when I actually heard them play live. So, I have a rule for my fantasy band - I will only include people who I have seen playing. I'm not going to require them to still be active or even alive - after all this is only a fantasy. But I do require them to be talented: they have to make up for my terrible keyboard playing.

 So to start. My singer needs to have charm and warmth, to be the personality that fronts the band as well as having a great voice. The late Cab Callaway is my choice for this role, and perhaps that means I'm putting together a jazz band. Given that, I'm going to include someone who I first saw playing in the Halt Bar when he was a teenager, but who has gone on to become a legend. On saxophone my fantasy band will have Tommy Smith. On bass, not actually a jazz musician but someone who could certainly play all the most complicated bass parts, the late Chris Squire of Yes, and it's good to keep a strong rhythm section together so on drums I would have Bill Bruford, though it is a concert I saw him doing at Strathclyde University with his band Earthworks that wins him a place in my fantasy jazz band. I feel that the late Alan Holdsworth would have been he right guitarist for this band, but sadly I never got the chance to see him live, so he is not allowed. Instead, my favourite guitarist, Andy Latimer of Camel gets the final place in this fantasy line-up.

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