Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Further surface update :-)

My surface arrived yesterday afternoon - much quicker than expected!

It feels very solid, and looks great. Not had a gret deal of time to play with it yet, but a few initial thoughts:

  • The flip out stand makes it a bit too close to vertical for me - more suitable for watching a video than using it as a laptop replacement. A specs case underneath sorts that out, and lifts the keyboard to a nicer angle.
  • The touch keyboard works -  I don't think I'd type an essay on it, but fine for notes, or short blog posts like this. The track pad and right mouse button are a nice addition to touch screen functionality.
  • The screen is excellent.
  • One complaint I saw in a review was that it doesn't use a mini-USB for charging - my last non-intel Windows computer (a Jornada 620) broke when it fell of a table and the power connector damaged internal connections. The Surface's magnetic connector avoids this risk.
  • Size is slightly longer and narrower than an iPad, and similar weight. This won't fit in my jacket pocket, so I suspect my Archos will still be in use at conferences.
Further thoughts later...